Year 6 Yellow

Welcome to Year 6 Yellow


Meet the teacher

Dear Children,



As you already know, I am Mrs Dougill and I am going to be your teacher in Year 6. We will be called Year 6 Yellow and will be working closely with Year 6 Blue throughout the year. Although SATs are a big part of Year 6, we will also be enjoying lots of other subjects, and there are plenty of fun activities to look forward to.



I already know most of you quite well, but am looking forward to learning more about you as we get to know each other.  As most of you know, I have two sons Tom and Elliot, who both came to this school. I also have a Cocker Spaniel called ‘Superdog’ McGinlay – named after the Bolton Wanderers player ‘Super’ John McGinlay.



In my spare time, I like to watch Bolton Wanderers; I go to most of their matches. I also enjoy walking my dog and relaxing at home with my family.



I hope you are all ready for the challenges ahead and are as excited as I am about working together. I am confident that we will have a lovely year together, filled with fun, lots of learning and happy memories.



Mrs Dougill


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Computing and Music

In our computing lessons we have been learning about music genres and creating our own music in Garageband, combining different beats.


Examples of Year 6's creations in Garageband

Tune 1 

Tune 2 

Tune 3 



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