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Dear Children,



Hello, I’m Miss Osborn and I am going to be your class teacher in Year 4. We are going to be called Year 4 Yellow and we will be working alongside Year 4 Blue and their teacher Miss Sait. We are going to be learning about lots of new and exciting subjects, all of which I am really looking forward to!


I have had so much fun working with you all in Year 3 Yellow. I can’t wait to be your Year 4 teacher and carry on our exciting journey together as we learn new things. As most of you already know, my favourite subjects are Literacy and Topic, as I love learning about history. I enjoyed being able to do all sorts of fun and practical types of learning last year linked to Topic. I also really enjoy Science, as we get to do hands on activities and messy experiments!


I am very excited to see what Year 4 brings and what new topics we will be learning about. Some of these new topics are things like Ancient Civilisations and Climate Zones. You are going to learn so much in Year 4, you get to learn how to play instruments like the cornets and baritones. I have no doubt that by the end of the year you will all sound fantastic.


Year 4 is going to be a great year; the work is going to be more challenging, but I know you will all be very successful at it. We can use all the skills we learnt in Year 3, but I will also be there to help and guide you along the way. I’m sure you will enjoy learning all the new things Year 4 has to bring.


I am very excited to continue working with you. Year 4 is going to be a very fun and memorable year. Have a great summer and I will see you all when we get back in September.



Miss Osborn.


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