Year 2 Yellow

Welcome to Year 2 Yellow


Meet the teacher

Hello! My name is Miss Alexander and I am going to be your new teacher in Year 2 Yellow next year. I am very excited to start teaching you! I already know some of you from phonics and I am looking forward to all the fun activities we are going to be doing together in year 2. I can’t wait to find out what you like and plan activities we can enjoy together.


I have been at Mesne Lea for 5 years and have loved my time here. Everyone is very friendly and the children are the best!  I am friendly and enjoy having lots of fun whilst we work hard. I enjoy lots of active learning, especially in topic. I have heard great things about your maths, writing and reading from Miss Mockridge and can’t wait to share my learning with you all.


I have lots of interesting and exciting ideas for us in our new class. We will be creating lots of new things together and working hard to help us achieve our very best. In Year 2 we will be building on your knowledge from year 1 and learning new skills. I want you to love coming to school and enjoy your time in my classroom. We will be working very closely with the other year two class and their teacher Miss Bartholomew, going on trips together and sharing learning spaces.


I know we will have a lovely year together, filled with fun, lots of learning and happy memories! 


I am looking forward to seeing you in September, all grown up and ready for year 2!


See you soon, 


Miss Alexander


Year 2 Topic Webs

Every half term each class teacher produces a topic web to inform children and parents about the coverage over the forthcoming weeks. Please click on the link below to view the termly topic webs.

Autumn 1

Spring 1

Year 2 Yearly Overview

Year 2 Yellow Photo Gallery

Here you will find a selection of photos from Year 2 Yellow. This gallery will be updated regularly.

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Manchester Music

This Spring term Year 2 have been learning all about Music from Manchester and in our computing lessons we have been making our very own Music video to one of The Courteeners songs. 

We would love to share our video with you, click on this link to view it.