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Meet the teacher

My name is Mrs Shepherd and I will be your new Nursery Teacher.  I am really looking forward to getting to know you all and I’m sure we will have lots of fun learning.

I have been in Nursery for four years now and I have loved every minute and I can’t wait to teach you new routines, games, songs, stories and much more!

I believe in every child being independent, having lots of fun and learning through play.  I hope to make every day at school as exciting as possible so that you arrive ready to learn with a smile on your face!  If you are happy and settled in school then Mums and Dads will be happy too.  You maybe nervous at first but we are all very friendly!

I have been at Mesne Lea for 16 years.  I have three children, one child in this school and two at high school.  This keeps me very busy in the holidays and means I am always thinking of new ideas and trying them out on them first.  They have loved coming to Mesne Lea and I hope you will too!

I hope we will have a lovely year together, filled with fun, lots of learning and happy memories!

I can’t wait to meet you all! 


Power Of Play

"Just as in children's writing there is also a development in children's early mathermatical marks. The environment needs to provide children with as many opportunities to explore mark making as possible and therefore to explore deep levels of mathematical thinking."

Numbers and patterns, laying foundations in mathematics.

"When young children are allowed to initiate their own learning in a highly stimulating environment, most will learn through their own explorations and play, following their own ideas and motivations."

Numbers and patterns, laying foundations in mathematics.

"Short, sharply focussed teaching sessions together with frequent opportunities to apply learning across all other activities allows for the rapid development of literacy skills."

Teaching and play in early years - a balancing act - Ofsted 2015


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Autumn 1

'Eating dinner at school'-we are so grown up at sitting and using knives and forks. Well done!


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Transition to Nursery and Reception

Please take a look at this document to help you and your child prepare for the transition into Nursery and Reception Class at Mesne Lea.

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